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GTA/Toronto Walk-In – Buy Gold Toronto

Investing in precious metals has become remarkably easy and convenient throughout the years. At AU Bullion, our clients can purchase bullion from a selection of countless precious metals products from mints and refineries worldwide. Our clients have the option to choose between purchasing their precious metals online through our website, or in-person from our two locations. 

Why buy gold in the GTA?

Investing in precious metals is an incredible and efficient way to preserve your wealth and make effortless profits. Precious metals are seen as safe havens as they have several wealth preservation qualities. Throughout history, precious metals such as gold have always maintained their value through any crashes in the market. They tend to hold their value quite well and are safe from inflation and other factors that cause other investments to depreciate in value. 

Furthermore, Canadians have an additional benefit when investing in precious metals. Investors can include their precious metals bullion in their RRSP, allowing them to remain in a lower tax bracket. Because of this, their precious metals products are not subject to sales tax. These advantages allow Canadians to make the most out of their investments compared to international investors. 

Aside from the benefits of purchasing precious metals, there are also additional benefits to coming in-store. Here at AU Bullion, we offer the best deals and lowest rates. At our in-person locations, we offer several exclusive precious metal products which may not be available to customers online. We also have many walk-in specials, providing you with limited edition products and exclusive deals. These perks may only be available to you for a limited amount of time when you walk into our stores. 

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If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact us via Email ( , Phone Number +1-905-605-6757, or meet us in person at 8887 The Gore Rd, Unit 37 Brampton, ON L6P 2K9. We are looking forward to seeing you at our stores!