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  • Gold 3,298.65 +73.6 -73.6
  • Silver 40.18 +1.13 -1.13
  • Platinum 1,331.79 +13.87 -13.87
  • Palladium 1,256.40 +35.98 -35.98

Platinum Price Today Per Ounce - Live Platinum Price

Au Bullion's Platinum Price page provides the latest real-time spot price of platinum in the professional market. Through this Information, we empower our customers to make informed decisions. Presently, the platinum price in Canada stands at CAD 1,331.79 per troy ounce. To check platinum prices in other denominations, simply scroll down this page. Moreover, consider signing up for spot price alerts to stay informed when your desired platinum price is achieved.


Calculated inPlatinum spot price - Spot ChangeCurrent platinum price - Platinum price today
Platinum Price Per OuceCAD -13.87CAD 1,331.79
Platinum Price Per GramCAD -0.45CAD 42.82
Platinum Price Per KilogramCAD -445.92CAD 42,817.05

Platinum Price Performance

Change (Time Span)Amount (In CAD/USD)% (Percentage Change)
30 Days-42.15-3.07%
6 Months83.766.71%
1 Year-1.65-0.12%
5 years167.2514.36%

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Live Platinum Prices

Platinum Throughout History

Platinum has been an important precious metal since the beginning of history. Archaeologists have discovered traces of platinum jewellery in Egyptian burial sites and the Casket of Thebes. Like most precious metals, platinum was very popular in ancient Egypt as well. Platinum was also incredibly popular in other places around the world, such as the Indigenous populations of South America. At the time, platinum was known for its durability, heat resistance, and appearance. In 1735, the precious metal was rediscovered in South America and was studied further. Get Live Platinum Prices and make your decision of buying platinum bullion or selling platinum bullion. Get platinum coins , platinum bars at low rates from Au Bullion. Throughout history, platinum has been remarkably popular in jewellery. Platinum has always been a part of the top three precious metals, following silver and gold. In comparison to the other two precious metals, platinum has a higher density and higher melting point, and it's also less malleable. A large platinum repository was discovered in 1888, in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Since then, Canada has consistently ranked among the top-five platinum-producing countries in the world.

Platinum as an Investment

Platinum is an important and useful precious metal, with countless purposes. Some of which include auto manufacturing, jewellery, and industrial uses. As an investment, platinum has an additional value due to its rarity. There is a remarkably small amount of platinum available for investors to invest in today. This ensures that platinum will never be inflated, as there is nearly no risk of the supply outweighing demand.

The Price of Platinum Today and Platinum Price Charts

Just like all precious metals, platinum prices always change. You can stay up to date with platinum spot prices by using our platinum price charts. Our platinum price charts are easy to use and provide you with essential information about platinum prices throughout the years. Platinum price charts display information about the changes in platinum prices throughout the years. These charts allow you to observe the trends in the data and make an informed decision when investing in precious metals such as platinum.


Platinum Spot Price Chart


$3,298.65 CAD
+73.6 0.00% -73.6 0.00% Jul 21, 2024 4:04 Bid $3,294.53


$40.18 CAD
+1.13 0.00% -1.13 0.00% Jul 21, 2024 4:04 Bid $40.07


$1,331.79 CAD
+13.87 0.00% -13.87 0.00% Jul 21, 2024 4:04 Bid $1,320.80


$1,256.40 CAD
+35.98 0.00% -35.98 0.00% Jul 21, 2024 4:04 Bid $1,228.94
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