Sell Gold Toronto 

Have some old Gold that you no longer need? Ready to take some profits on your old Gold investments? Well if you are in the Greater Toronto Area then look no further! Your search for your one stop shop for everything Gold related is here!


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Understanding The Value of Your Gold 

Before you sell your Gold, it is imperative that you have some understanding of its worth. You can get an idea of its worth by looking at the weight, purity and current market price. This is alot easier to determine if you have Gold bullion as they will display the weight and purity. If you have Gold Jewellery or other scrap Gold and are unsure about the purity, we can help you find the purity, weight and worth. AU Bullion ensures that you are offered a fair and competitive rate to ensure you are getting the most out of your assets!

Why sell to AU Bullion?

AU Bullion is your trusted precious metals dealer paying the most competitive rates on your old Gold. With over 15 years of experience in the precious metals industry, AU Bullion has established a reputation built on reliability and integrity. 

By selling to a reputable dealer, you are safeguarding yourself from any scams, thefts or other illegal activities. We have a safe and secure office for you to visit to sell your Gold without having any problems. Your dealings with AU Bullion are treated with the utmost confidentiality, assuring you of privacy throughout the selling process.

Our headache free process 

  1. Visit us with your Gold
  2. We will weight it and check purity 
  3. Give you a quote based on market rates at the time of visiting 
  4. Pay out immediately 

It’s as simple as that! Selling your Gold is a big decision and choosing the right place to sell to is crucial. AU Bullion is not here to just offer you a transaction, we are here to build a longterm partnership and help you with anything precious metals related. Whether you are looking to cash out on your investments or looking for advice on new Gold investments, AU Bullion is here for you!

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