1 oz Silver Coins

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  • 2023 1 Oz Silver Tweety Looney Tunes Coloured Coin (Inc. Capsule) – Samoa

    As low as: $50.92CAD Out of Stock
  • 2023 1 oz Bitcoin Silver Coin (In Capsule) – NIUE

    As low as: $44.33CAD Out of Stock
  • 2023 1 Oz Germania Silver Round (Inc. Capsule) – Germania Mint

    As low as: $49.04CAD Out of Stock
  • 2022 1 Oz Alien Silver Coin – Scottsdale Mint

    As low as: $41.03CAD Out of Stock
  • 2023 1 Oz Australian Koala Silver Coin (Inc. Capsule) – Perth Mint

    As low as: $41.94CAD Out of Stock
  • 2022 1 Oz Silver Rolling Stones Coin BU (Inc. Capsule) – Royal Mint UK

    As low as: $41.43CAD Out of Stock
  • 2022 1 Oz Silver FENDER STRATOCASTER FIESTA RED (Inc. Casing) – PAMP Suisse

    As low as: $145.95CAD Out of Stock
  • 2022 1 oz Silver Giant Panda Coin – PAMP Suisse

    As low as: $102.29CAD Out of Stock
  • Australian Lunar Series III Year of the Rabbit 2023 1 oz Silver Bullion Coin – Perth Mint

    As low as: $45.60CAD Out of Stock
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    2022 1 Oz Silver Two-Face DC Comics Coin – Samoa

    As low as: $106.39CAD Out of Stock
  • 2022 1 Oz Silver Philharmonic – Austrian Mint

    As low as: $38.93CAD Out of Stock

32–42 of 42 products

Buy 1 Oz Silver Coins Online

Silver is the second most popular precious metal to invest in, with many uses. As an investment, silver is seen as a Safe haven and an efficient way to preserve and grow your wealth. Additionally, silver has a lower spot price than gold and the potential of a higher ROI, making it the perfect investment. Get 1 ounce silver price, at best we can do.

Investing in silver is an incredibly efficient way of protecting your wealth from inflation. Unlike the dollar, which constantly depreciates in value, silver will never lose its value. Throughout history, precious metals such as silver have been used as investment, currency, and a Save haven to protect one’s wealth. When the dollar depreciates, silver will appreciate in value allowing it to constantly maintain its value. 

One of the most popular forms of investing in Silver is silver coins. Many factors cause silver coins to be so popular and higher in value than silver bars. Buy 1 oz Silver Coins from Au Bullion at low premiums!

Why you should buy 1 Oz Silver Coins

Aside from the previously mentioned benefits of buying silver, 1 Oz Silver coins have additional benefits. The 1 Oz coins are the most common coin size. Their small sizes allow coins to be easily stored and collected. Many silver coins are considered legal tender in their respective countries, causing them to be more popular and valuable. Many coins display remarkable designs and security features. 

Save when buying Silver Coins

When looking to save while investing in silver coins, purchasing the silver coins in bulk allows you to save on premiums. Since the coins are typically smaller than most bars, they are easy to collect and buy in bulk. Rather than placing several orders for coins, purchasing one silver tube allows you to purchase several coins in one order. The most efficient way to purchase silver coins in bulk is in Silver Tubes. Buying Silver tubes allows you to save more on each individual coin in the tube compared to buying the coins individually. Storing the silver coins is much easier when purchasing them in tubes. Additionally, you can also purchase monster boxes which contain an even higher quantity. By buying a larger quantity of silver, your portfolio will see larger growth. Additionally, buying Silver tubes allows you to achieve a better ROI.