2022 1 oz gold tudor beasts lion of england coin – royal mint uk

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About 2022 1 oz gold tudor beasts lion of england coin – royal mint uk

The wildly successful Queens Beast Series has been succeeded by the Royal Mint’s Tudor Beasts Series, which features a variety of beasts from the Tudor period. The Queen’s Beast series lasted from 2016 to 2021 and included monsters that were added to the Royal Arms between the 12th and 17th centuries. It focused on the period of time between those two centuries. The new Tudor Beasts Series concentrates on the notable and well-known kings of the Tudor Dynasty throughout the late 15th century and throughout the length of the 16th century.

The first bullion coin to be issued by the Royal Mint as part of their Tudor Beasts series is the Lion of England coin. The ten heraldic figures that appear on the coins symbolise aspects of King Henry VIII’s family history. The Royal Tudor Beasts bullion coin series opens with the magnificent Lion of England, which was inspired by the majestic Royal Beasts that keep watch over the moat of Hampton Court Palace. The lion was a ferocious figure that was used to welcome guests to Hampton Court Palace. It was strong, imposing, and royal, and it reflected the virtues that Henry VIII and his country upheld.

The crowned lion on the coin, which was designed by David Lawrence and shown with its fangs bared, is seen standing guard above the coats of arms of Henry and Jane Seymour. David Lawrence was inspired by the gargoyle-like statue of the lion that was originally located on the Moat Bridge at Hampton Court Palace. Lawrence managed to capture the magnificent Lion of England in all its glory, complete with a flowing mane and sharp claws, against a background texture that resembled surface animation. On the obverse of the coin is Jody Clark’s fifth and final official coinage picture of Her Majesty The Queen. This portrait is featured on the coin.

Radial lines may be seen behind the lion on the coin, which serves as an additional layer of protection for the item.This uncirculated gold coin was struck from 0.9999 pure gold (24 carat) and contains one troy ounce of the precious metal. The coin was given a finish of “uncirculated.” Jody Clark, an engraver at the Royal Mint, was responsible for the design on both sides of these coins.

These coins are sold without packaging. This coin was struck in one ounce of pure 999.9 gold, and it is also offered in a quarter-ounce gold edition, in addition to silver and platinum versions.

Characteristic elements

  • A brand-new bullion coin series is introduced by the terrifying Lion of England.
  • Produced in one ounce of 999.9 pure troy gold every coin.
  • completed to the exacting specifications of The Royal Mint’s bullion
  • The Royal Beasts that border the Moat Bridge at Hampton Court Palace served as inspiration for the design developed by David Lawrence.
  • Including an encrypted surface movement in the backdrop texture

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