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About 20 gram gold bar – valcambi suisse

There is no better option than a gold bar when it comes to spending on valuable metals. The worth of gold stays strong irrespective of the economic situation. It facilitates balance in any asset portfolio. Check current 20 Gram Gold price & invest in gold today online.

If you are searching for a product to expand your asset portfolio, 20-gram Valcambi Gold Bars delivers a convenient choice. Light gold bars such as 20-gram bars are reasonable for stockholders of any level. Since their little weight is simpler to stack, keep and carry.

The Valcambi Suisse, the twenty-gram gold bars are simple to obtain and they are the latest ones. The packaging of the bars is blister proof so they are in a more safe condition and sent in a protected way. And each holds an orange Assay card that endorses the pureness, weight of the bars, and metal content.

Confined with the Assay card for your 20 Gram Valcambi Gold Bar is the isolated number that distinguishes your product. The two letters followed by the six numbers are present on all the Valcambi gold bars.

You will get a series of inscriptions organized from top to bottom on the face of the visible gold bars. These inscriptions contain the Valcambi logo, the pureness, metal content, and weight. The bar, the assayer spot, and the definite serial number are existing at the bottom of the bar.

Each of the twenty grams of the Valcambi gold bars has some important details including the serial numbers, and the complete refinery name, and is available on the left aspect. Valcambi Suisse is present in Switzerland, Balerna, which originated in 1961 as Valori and Cambi. The company’s existing name is the consequence of its procurement by Credit Suisse in 1968. 

Bar Highlights

  1. It is in a blister-proof enveloped package with an Assay card.
  2. It comprises 20 grams (0.6430 Troy Oz) and .9999 original gold.
  3. Determine the capabilities of the refinery logo.
  4. Brand- latest situation.
  5. Minted through Valcambi Suisse.

Bar Specifications

  1. Manufacturer: Valcambi Suisse
  2. Series: Valcambi Gold Bar
  3. Purity: .9999
  4. Thickness: 2.2 mm
  5. Diameter: 18 mm x 31 mm
  6. Condition: Circulated
  7. Edge design: Smooth
  8. Packaging: Assay
  9. CoA: No

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