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We’ve got this exclusive 5 gram Fortuna Gold bar from Pamp Suisse! All PAMP Suisse fortuna bars come in a unique PAMP branded casing. This also includes an assay certificate authenticating the purity and weight of the precious metal. Additionally, as these gold bars are a lower weight, they are more affordable, making them easier to buy.

About the Pamp Suisse 5 Gram Fortuna Gold Bar

Pamp Suisse is one of the most notable brands in the Precious Metals industry! Their bullion can be easily identified for their portrait of Lady Fortuna. The Roman goddess, Lady Fortuna, represents Pamp prosperity, luck and fate. It’s superstitious, however, many people do believe in the positive energy that comes from these Gold bars. So much so, that they even turn these Gold bars into pendants and wear them around their neck. Moreover, PAMP Suisse is known worldwide as one of the world’s biggest reputable bullion brands!

The obverse side of the Gold bar shows the portrait of Lady Fortuna blindfolded with the lucky cornucopia. Opposingly, on the reverse side of the bar you can find the authenticity information. The information you will find consists of, the weight, purity and also the serial number. 

A huge benefit to owning a 5 gram gold bar is that they can be carried and stored very easily. Not only that, but they are an affordable way of buying Gold. You can buy these as gifts to give to loved ones, or simply to invest in Gold bullion. Moreover, due to their affordability, they are a great way for someone to acquire Gold bullion. Additionally, these gold bars come with an Assay certificate and serial number that can be tracked. This makes the Pamp Suisse 5 Gram Gold bars a safe and reliable investment. 

Buy these Pamp Suisse 5 Gram Gold bars today and get the best rate on Gold in Canada! Order these Gold bars today and get them within a week with our competitive shipping. 

With our competitive pricing and price matching strategy, we will guarantee you the lowest rate! All Precious Metal orders on Au Bullion are always 100% insured. We also offer FREE shipping Canada wide on all orders over $500! Shop our Gold Bullion products now!

Introduced in 2015, PAMP Suisse Veriscan technology is a pioneering breakthrough in the precious metals industry, allowing for easy verification of PAMP Suisse gold products. Veriscan allows users to identify any registered product, whether it is new or circulated, within seconds. Please note that this technology is available for use on all PAMP Suisse products that bear Veriscan logo on the CertiPAMP assay card. This breakthrough gives the peace of mind and reassurance to both buyers and sellers in the precious metals market.

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Weight 0.16075 oz



22.1 x 13.1 x 0.9 mm


Brilliant Uncirculated




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