10 oz Wall Street Silver – Silver Gold Bull

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About 10 oz Wall Street Silver – Silver Gold Bull

Wall Street Silver is a community that discusses valuable metals, financing in physical gold, and silver. It talks about mining stocks, ETFs, entertainment, and business news that affect valuable metals. Silver Gold Bull designs various coins and bars in partnership with Wall Street Silver. They honor the Silver Squeeze Movement and pay tribute to all apes who have contributed to increasing awareness about the advantages of investing in Silver.  

Product Features

The obverse side of the coin features a strong ape arm holding a rocket and the logo of Silver Gold Bull. It is 999 pure fine Silver weighing 10 oz. The reverse side features #SILVERSQUEEZE, Wall Street Sign, New York skyline, and the Ape holding the rocket emoji. 2021 is the year of production, issued by the USA and manufactured by Silvertowne.

More About Wall Street Silver:

The Wall Street community was started in Jan 2021, with a motto, “we are a community that loves silver”. They are a huge Silver investor and collector community on reddit. Additionally, they are one of the top communities that play a vital role in increasing the awareness of silver investment. They believe that Dollars and Euros are only paper; the actual currency is Silver. According to them, the central bank is irresponsible in printing money. They think that Silver and Gold will protect investors from currency inflation and devaluation. 

The 10 oz wall street bars were designed in tribute to all communities working very hard to raise the value of this business. The strong Ape holds the rocket that is shooting upward. This sign represents the upward silver movement, i.e., “ To the Moon,” due to this, the bar is also famous as the “To the Moon” bar. 

The sign on the opposite side is the symbol of silver squeeze investors. This bar is an excellent treasure for a true silver lover as it represents the hard work of the communities that treasure the Silver. It is a perfect choice for every silver stacker. 

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