2021 1 Oz Silver Bull & Bear Coins – Tokelau

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About Bull and Bear coins

Bear and Bull coins both display incredible power in the animal kingdom. The bear and bull are the words often used to describe people of incredible strength. The way these animals attack their opponents makes them good for symbolic use. Usually, the bull hits its horns up to attack and bears use its paws to attack.

Furthermore, investors use these terms to describe the instabilities in the market. In the stock market world, the bear defines the collapse of the market while the bull defines the uprise of the market. This is because the bear strikes down, and the bull strikes upwards. 

 The 2021 Oz Bull and Bear coin is a brilliant piece in BU condition. Bull and Bear silver coin is an incredible portrayal of the coin market.

The observed face of the coin displays bull and bear in a fight. It also features the weight “1 oz” and the purity “Ag 999. Silver”. The image on this side shows the bear roaring with claws in the air and the bull charging with its horns. This side of the coin also features a Blumint mint mark.

Along with an image of Queen Elizabeth II, the reverse face features the release year and value of the coin. The inscriptions on the reverse side also include the country of issue “TOKELAU”, the year “2021” and the face value ” $5 ” of the coin.

 Coin Highlights

  1. It is made with 1 oz .999 fine silver.
  1. An Exclusive Mintage of 500,00
  1. Holds a face value of $5 backed by the TOKELAU government.
  1. The Observer side contains images of bears and bulls in a fight.
  1. The black background makes the coin unique.
  1. The reverse side shows the image of Queen Elizabeth II and face value.

Coin Specifications

  1. Year of Production: 2021
  1. Producer: Bluemint
  1. Country: Tokelau
  1. Legal Tender/Face Value: $5
  1. Diameter: 38 m
  1. Condition: BU
  1. Material: Ag .999 fine 1 oz silver

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Weight 1 oz


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