2023 1 Oz Silver Aquaman DC Comics Coin – Samoa

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The 2023 1 oz silver Aquaman DC Comics coin is a special edition coin made by Somoa. These coins are perfect for die-hard DC Comics fans and collectors. 

The front of the unique coin features a detailed picture of Aquaman standing in a striking position, while water flies through the air behind him! At the bottom of the coin the words “Aquaman” are written in bold letters. This coin is made up of 1 troy ounce silver and is .999% pure silver. The reverse side of the coin features an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. The top of the back has the words “Somoa 2023” inscribed. This coin has a dollar denomination of 5 dollars.  

These coins are absolutely perfect for silver lovers who are also movie or comic lovers. Aquaman is an iconic character that can now live on forever through these special Aquaman 1oz silver coins! Purchase these beauties today!

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