Assorted 10 Oz Silver Bars (Walk-in) – Various Mints

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Each piece in the Assorted 10 Oz Silver Bars collection offers a distinctive window into the world of precious metal craftsmanship. The collection features a rich tapestry of designs, themes, and artistry. Each bar contains 99% pure silver and has the distinctive luster and allure that silver enthusiasts have grown to adore. Contrary to specific mint or brand bars, the assortment adds a layer of intrigue. The patterns found on these bars can be found in a wide variety, ranging from detailed representations of famous people, historical figures, and animals to more abstract and contemporary patterns. Every item combines art, history, and investment. These 10 Oz bars are a great option for investors looking to significantly increase their holdings while also being attractive enough for those who view them as works of art. These various silver bars are more than just an investment; they are conversation pieces, pieces of history, and works of art all rolled into one tangible asset with weight and beauty.

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Weight 10 oz


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  1. Frizz

    Professional business for sure. The Asahi bars are sealed and the back of them looks cool

    If you’re walking in call first for the buzzer code

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