Protect Your Wealth with Royal Canadian Mint Bullion: Here’s Why

Protecting your wealth is now more crucial than ever in the unsure times we live in. And while there are other ways to achieve this, buying bullion has become a popular choice in recent years. Especially, investors seeking a safe and dependable means to protect their money now select the bullion products offered by the Royal Canadian Mint. But why is bullion from the Royal Canadian Mint so unique?

An Overview of the Bullion Products of the Royal Canadian Mint

The Mint has been manufacturing coins since 1908 and produces more than approximately 1 billion circulation coins per year. The mint includes two production sites in Ottawa and Winnipeg and over 1,100 employees. The Mint also produces a wide range of bullion products including:

Gold Maple Leaf Coins, Gold Maple Leaf Bars, Silver Maple Leaf Coins, Platinum Maple Leaf Coins, Palladium Maple Leaf Coins, and many more.

Benefits of Purchasing Bullion from the Royal Canadian Mint

  1. Inflation hedge: Purchasing coinage is equivalent to investing in real metal. That implies that you can sell it when inflation occurs, and stock prices are falling.
  2. Relatively secure Stockpiling: Royal Canadian Mint Bullion products are carefully stored in the Mint’s high-security vaults to protect your valuables from theft, loss, and destruction.
  3. Liquidity: Royal Canadian Mint Bullion products can be readily swapped and exchanged for other types of bullion or currencies, making them a highly liquid investment.
  4. Tax Benefit: Royal Canadian Mint Bullion products are a popular investment option for Canadians because they are exempt from GST/HST.
  5. Low-Cost: The Mint offers competitive pricing compared with other sources.
  6. Portfolio expansion: With Royal Canadian Mint Bullion products, investors have the option of incorporating a physical asset into their portfolio diversification.

How to Buy Bullion from the Royal Canadian Mint in Gold and Silver

Bullion can be purchased directly from the Royal Canadian Mint by members of the public through their shops, phone centers, apps, online store, or authorized dealers. The Royal Canadian Mint has many benefits to offer its customers. We have a large range of Royal Canadian Mint goods here at AU Bullion. Individual investors can buy bullion items from our assortment of products. We are pleased to announce that we are an authorized dealer of RCM bullion DNA.

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