Spain’s New Gold Bullion Investment Opportunity: Investors Need to Know

A Brief History of Gold Bullion Coin

In the past, Spanish gold coins would have been widely circulated to provide numismatic treasure. The first bullion coin to be produced in Spain was released in 2021. The coin’s design, which was also struck from one ounce of 99.99% pure gold, depicts the head of an ‘Iberian lynx’ with a face value of 1.5 euros.

Gold Bullion Coins Spain Offering

Government-owned Spanish National Coin Foundry is getting ready to launch gold bullion coins in 2023. For private investors who want to purchase gold or silver coins, the firm is allowed to produce and issue those pieces. The Spanish government granted a budget of 40 million euros, or roughly $43 million, in February for the issuance of a fresh batch of gold coins.

Spain’s demand for gold increases

The desire for gold in Spain has greatly risen in recent years. The increased investment and speculation in the international gold markets as well as the unpredictability of the euro are probably to blame for this. Investors may look to gold as a safe-haven to secure their capital as the global markets become increasingly unpredictable. The fact that gold is also regarded as a status symbol in Spanish culture may also be contributing to the rise in gold prices.

Which Gold Bullion Coins Are Available and How Can I Get Access to Them?

Spain has a few reputable coins shows that happen every month across the country and a few authorized wholesale and retail precious metal merchants who provide a selection of investment bullion and collector coins. Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (Spanish Royal Mint) is the national mint of Spain. Spain also has many facilities where silver and gold are refined.

A gold bullion coin, the Spanish gold lynx, also known as the Lynx, the Lince iberico of gold, or the Spanish Doubloon. You might also be able to purchase gold bullion with the aid of a nearby dealer or collector. Online dealers are also options.