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Difference Between a Cast Bar and a Minted Bar

When investors are in the gold, silver, and other precious metals market, the central objective is to earn the highest return possible, similar to any investment. When purchasing precious metals in bars, the metal is usually classified into two different types of products: Cast bars and Minted bars. The process of refining gold and silver…

How to get Cash for Gold in Toronto and Vancouver?

For millennia, Gold has been one of the most desirable metals for its durability, versatility, and shine. It’s been most commonly seen in the form of Jewellery, currency, and even in some industrial applications. Historically, its use as a currency was more widespread than it is today, as fiat currencies (cash) have become the norm….

Buying Gold and Silver Bullion in Calgary

Calgary, Alberta, best known for their center of agribusiness, is home to over 1.2 million Canadians. With their broad financial market, residents are always looking for new methods of investing their money. The majority of people in Calgary invest in Gold and Silver bullion as a trustable source of growing wealth. People buy Gold and…

Is there tax on Gold and Silver in Canada?

When consumers are in the market for any type of product, Canada has a long-established goods and service tax that is 5% across the country and a harmonized sales tax that varies within provinces. However, investors often misunderstand the gap in tax structure when purchasing Gold and silver bullion in Canada. This blog aims to…