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A World Buried in Debt

  In previous newsletters we have been sounding the alarm on the steady transition taking place out East from illusionary intangible wealth to real tangible wealth. This transition is taking eastern countries from debt based financial assets over to physical commodities in all forms – silver and gold being a large part of that transition….

The Golden Hedge

The Golden Hedge In recent years, talks about de-dollarization happening around the world have continued to intensify as countries begin to question the need for all cross-border trades to be settled in one countries currency.  Especially, due to the currency hegemon being used getting the benefit of running higher and higher debts without worry due…

Concerns of United States Default on the Rise

If you have watched either the movie The Big Short or the documentary Inside Job, both in which cover the 2008 Great Financial Crisis, you will already have some background knowledge on what a Credit Default Swap (CDS) is.  If you haven’t seen either, one, we highly suggest you do, but two, you may not…