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How Technology Is Transforming the Gold-Buying Experience in Canada

Investing is changing every day, and technology is opening up new possibilities for Canadians to buy and interact with one of the oldest assets in the world: Gold. For a new investor to bullion, this keeps you posted on what takes place in the technological advancement to secure your purchase and effectively make better decisions….

Collectible Coins vs. Bullion: How Silver Prices Affect Their Value

Silver has been cherished for centuries, whether showcased in jewelry, used within industries, or minted into coins. Today, we’re navigating the world of silver coins – both collectible and bullion – and exploring how silver prices influence their value.   Collectible Coins & Bullion Defined To unravel the relationship between silver prices and coin value,…

IMF Release Working Paper on Gold as an International Reserve

On January 27th, 2023, the IMF released a working paper titled, Gold as International Reserves: A Barbarous Relic No More?  It was released with the hope of understanding why central bank gold purchases in 2022 rose to a high since 1967.  However, before diving into the paper itself, it is vitally important we have a…