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November A Historically Good Month for Gold

When looking at the precious metal community, you are beginning to see some frustration regarding the volatility in price over the last year.  However, what is being wildly misunderstood is the financial environment we find ourselves in today is NOT the ideal situation for gold and silver prices to see spikes in price, and so…

Gold Bars vs. Gold Jewellery: Which is the Better Buy?

People love gold, and many buy it as an investment. But should you buy gold bars or gold jewellery? Let’s see the good and bad sides of both. Comparing Gold Bars vs. Gold Jewelry can help you make a wise investment choice.   Gold Bars & Coins Good Points: Pure Gold: With bars and coins,…

Why Do Gold Prices Rise During Wars?

For centuring Gold has been seen as a valuable asset. This precious metal has not only held cultural and religious weight but also economic gravitas. An interesting observation is the ascent of gold prices in the face of war or political turbulence. What drives this? Let’s explore the underlying reasons.   The Safe Haven Appeal…

Celebrating Diwali in Calgary

When fall colours light up Calgary, the city gets ready for Diwali, the famous Festival of Lights. With people from all backgrounds, Calgary lights up with family get-togethers, yummy food, bright fireworks, and of course Gold.   Buying Gold on Diwali: A Special Tradition A big part of Diwali is the tradition of buying gold….