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The Process Governments Use to Understate Inflation

It is becoming more broadly understood that the process world governments use to calculate inflation has gone through massive changes since 1980.  However, what is less understood is exactly how the process has changed over the past 42 years and what impact this has had on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) being reported to the…

Numismatic Coins vs. Bullion: Weighing the Differences

Coins that are valued differently and for different reasons include numismatic and bullion coins. Bullion coins are purchased solely for their precious metal content and are often available for much less. Though numismatic coins may or may not have greater intrinsic value, their scarcity makes them popular collectibles.   The numismatics market is difficult to…

Why is gold one of the best investments for retirement 

  The ultimate safe-haven asset is gold, which, when included in a diversified portfolio, may operate as a hedge against economic pressures like inflation and financial insecurity. Regardless of your age, gold should be a component of every retirement plan because it is one of the safest investments and even improves in value over time….

Why invest in gold for retirement?

  According to reports, the average retirement-age investor’s portfolio in the United States lost 25% of its value in 2008. Some contend that the figures are even higher, particularly for investors with extensive stock exposure who don’t hold any alternative assets or commodities in their portfolio. History has demonstrated that when such hope and optimism…