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Sanctions Highlight the Importance of Gold

Over the past week, the seizure of Russian assets held abroad in Europe and the United States have been the main topic of discussion pertaining to the global financial system.  These discussions, however, have not necessarily been fruitful as you are seeing a divide in how the nearly 300 billion Euros of frozen Russian assets…

Why Chase Bank Doesn’t Sell Gold Bars

Most investors take gold as one of the key assets to diversify their investment portfolio and protect against inflation and economic uncertainties. However, in case you are planning to buy gold bars, you might notice that major financial institutions such as Chase Bank don’t offer them. Let’s explore the reasons why Chase and other similar…

How Technology Is Transforming the Gold-Buying Experience in Canada

Investing is changing every day, and technology is opening up new possibilities for Canadians to buy and interact with one of the oldest assets in the world: Gold. For a new investor to bullion, this keeps you posted on what takes place in the technological advancement to secure your purchase and effectively make better decisions….