Swiss Central Bank Digital Currency + Surprise BRICS Request

In the last couple weeks there were two news stories that came out that have been getting a lot of media attention due to the impact they could potentially have on the global financial system.  The first being a rumour that President Macron of France has requested an invite from South African President Cyril Ramaphosa to the upcoming BRICS Summit meeting this August.

What is very interesting about this request is that France has been a long-standing member of NATO along with a majority of Europe, as well as Canada and the United States.  Countries that are very outspoken regarding their displeasure with major members of the current BRICS Alliance, namely Russia, China, and at times Brazil.  If there does end up being merit to these rumours that President Macron of France has requested to be a part of the BRICS Summit, what this could mean for the global financial landscape would be staggering.  Never before has a nation outside of the current BRICS Alliance attended these summits other than countries that have shown a serious interest in joining the alliance itself.  Making an appearance by France unprecedented.

At this point, it is well known around the world that BRICS nations and those looking to join the alliance have been feverishly de-dollarizing their economies, acquiring gold at a record pace to ensure they are not so heavily reliant on the United States Dollar.  That said, given statements by President Macron that France needs to keep “strategic autonomy” and not move so close in lockstep with Washington, I don’t think anyone would be shocked to find out France also sees the writing on the wall with ever-increasing United States debt and an inevitable crash, and is trying to get out ahead of being sucked into the quicksand when the United States Dollar fails.  While this story is still developing, we will be sure to keep you updated through our weekly newsletters as we move closer to the BRICS Summit in August.  Even so, the fact these rumours are circulating and getting so much attention appears to speak volumes regarding the direction of NATO and BRICS alliances.

The second story catching major headlines is the announcement out of Switzerland that the Swiss National Bank will be issuing a wholesale Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) as part of a pilot program.  Usually when we think of a pilot program, we think of it as experimental.  However, the Chairman of Swiss National Bank, Thomas Jordan, stated “this is not just an experiment, it will be real money equivalent to bank reserves and the object is to test real transactions with market participants.”  What is nerve-wracking about this statement is that the Chairman is trying to pass off CBDCs as real money to the public.  Whereas we have done extensive coverage to highlight the fact that Fiat paper currencies, as well as CBDCs are not MONEY at all, they are currency.  The major difference being that money is a true store of value like gold and silver, both of which have gained over 8000% since 1920, where as currency leaks value over time due to governments and central banks printing them at will.  In comparison, $100 in 1920 in the strongest fiat currency in the world today, the USD, has lost over 99% of its value.  The fact the Chairman of Swiss National Bank is trying to pass off central bank digital currencies as real money should strike fear in those who do not own any physical assets like silver and gold to protect themselves.

CBDCs once fully adopted will mean the end of individual financial sovereignty as every single transaction will be recorded on the Blockchain, where as silver and gold can be used to purchase whatever you may need in your life and only you (the buyer), and the seller will know that transaction took place.  This not even getting into the deeper details of silver and gold equating for the loss in purchasing power of fiat currencies, ensuring your wealth stays with you over a long period of time.  If people thought it was easy to run $100 bills off a money printer now, wait until all central banks need to do to create more currency is press a button on a computer and “POOF!” more digital currencies have been created in their accounts for them to loan out.

While there has been no mass announcement that cash will be a thing of the past and no longer be of use to citizens or that owning silver and gold have been outlawed like the United States did in 1932, the chart below highlights quite clearly that Central Bank Digital Currencies are the plan for the future:


As you can see, 11 countries have launched and are using a CBDC, 21 are in the pilot stage getting ready for launch, 32 are currently being developed before announcing their pilot program, 46 are researching to try to catch those already in development, and 16 are in a holding pattern.  All in all, that is 110 out of 130 countries that started looking into CBDCs that are marching toward the finish line.

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