10 oz Silver Bar – Royal Canadian Mint

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The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) Silver 10 oz bar is a highly sought-after bar that is well-recognized around the world. 

The iconic RCM logo is printed on the front of the bar, along with the weight and a unique serial number. The words “FINE SILVER” and “ARGENT PUR” can be seen at the bottom of the bar. Along with .9999 showing the purity of the bar. 

The RCM logo has a repeated pattern on the backside of the bar which makes a stunning look. 

The highest level of commercially available purity, 99.99%, is used to make the 10 oz. Silver Bar made by the RCM. It has a weight of 10 troy ounces.

This silver bar is a well-liked option for investors and collectors because it provides a highly pure and pricey form of bullion that is created by one of the most reputable and acclaimed mints in the world.

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Weight 10 oz


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