U.S. Government’s Financial Enforcement Arm Just Got Stronger

With what is continually developing across the world, it bears mentioning that the World Gold Council (WGC) has recently reported that central banks have again added 59 tonnes of gold in June totalling roughly 270 tonnes on the year.  This of course, only being what gets reported to the WGC, general consensus being the unreported number is always far higher with reported numbers predicted to continue growing in the second half of the year.  So with China/Taiwan tensions heating up amidst an on-going conflict out in Ukraine, shortages of energy, food, car parts, and household items compounded by rapidly increasing global inflation causing what products that do make it to the shelf to cost consumers significantly more – the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) should come as some relief for the public that is currently feeling the squeeze.  However, when breaking the bill down deeper than what is being reported through mainstream sources – you find that this bill is nothing more than world play.  Same as the Federal Reserve is not federal, nor do they have any sort of reserve – the name simply being used to deceive the public – in similar fashion the Inflation Reduction Act is poised to do nothing but further squeeze lower income families and cause near and long-term inflation to continue to balloon for all those reliant on United States Dollars… which, due to the petrodollar infecting every corner of our planet, that is now the world.

Milton Friedman once said, “Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program.”  And with Friedman being one of the most well-known economist of the last 50+ years due to his heavy influence on shaping developed economies (I will let you decide whether that was for better or worse), he undeniably has valuable insights as to how governments operate behind the scenes.  So when sneaky provisions get snuck in to the Inflation Reduction Act like a 3-year extension to “temporary” ObamaCare subsidies – we must question how many billions of dollars this is going to continue to cost.  Especially, when it is impossible to calculate the exact cost until after the “temporary” period is up and we can see what the financial impact on the economy was.  Current estimates have the cost of this temporary 3-year extension at $146.5 billion for taxpayers through 2031.  This is something to keep in mind moving forward as you begin to see more and more taxpayer-funded hand outs being extended into perpetuity.

To add insult to injury, politicians that are cheering the passing of this bill through the Senate are using the business-tax hike as their largest achievement.  This however, is also just word play.  Similar to how we are told corporations are price gouging consumers, yet the Producer Price Index continually shows that producers of products are seeing higher inflation than the consumer itself, the business-tax hike will cause corporations to deflect this damage down the food chain.  Rather than absorbing a 15% tax if they earn more than $1 billion USD, these corporations will simply lay off workers, cut wages, increase end product prices, and cut investments into the economy to help it get back on its feet.

While much of the damage from this bill will need some time to be seen, the more immediate impact will be due to the strengthening of the Internal Revenue Agency – with over $80 billion in funding being given to hire over 87,000 agents through the Inflation Reduction Act.  It must be entirely coincidence that the IRA is emboldened to a size larger (in terms of manpower) than the Pentagon, the State Department, the FBI and the Border Patrol combined by a bill that shares the IRA acronym.  This is staggering simply because of the importance placed on warfare and safety from terrorism both internationally and domestically now being overshadowed by the importance being placed on financial monitoring and fine enforcement of the public.  The signs of economic chaos are EVERYWHERE… you simply cannot avoid it at this point.  So with central banks and institutions contiguously stacking gold and searching for liquidity anywhere they can, it should come as curious timing that right before a predicted mega crash by many major voices, Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan predicting an economic hurricane in the distance being just one example, that not only has the IRS over doubled its workforce, but back in early 2022 they reported an over $700,000 purchase of guns and ammo.  Ever considered why tax collectors would need such things?

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