2024 1 Oz Silver Britannia Coins

The Royal Mint, one of the most renowned mints in the world, has investors and collectors excited and eaglery waiting for the unveiling of the 2024 1 Oz Silver Britannia Coins!


Britannia’s Timeless Tale

Britannia is not merely an image; she’s a tale, a symbol, and an embodiment of British braveness and unity. The beautiful effigy of the Britannia is designed by the famous Phillip Nathan, who’s work has been 

The 2024 1 Oz Silver Britannia 

Though details of the 2024 design are yet to be unveiled, we can anticipate a masterpiece from the Royal Mint. Featuring all of the latest safety and security features, encompassing the rich history of the coin series. 

Beyond it’s Beauty

These 2024 1 Oz Silver Britannia Coins are not just average coins; they are substantial assets. Comprising 99.9% pure silver, they stand as robust investments, especially with the added advantage of not paying tax on pure precious metals here in Canada. 

In Anticipation of a Masterpiece

AU Bullion is excited for the launch of the 2024 Britannia Coin series! We are anticipating to get the first batch of the 2024 1 Oz Silver Britannia Coins close to November/December. Collectors and investors alike find themselves united in their eagerness for a coin with such rich heritage. 

Whether you’re an investor or someone who admires beauty in its purest form, the 2024 Silver Britannia is a fantastic choice of Silver bullion to add to your portfolio/collection.