2024 1 Oz Silver Philharmonic Coins

The Austrian Mint continues to enamor collectors and investors, announcing the release of the 2024 1 Oz Silver Philharmonic Coins. This piece is an epitome of sophistication and fine craftsmanship, a true tribute to Vienna’s illustrious musical heritage. As we delve into the artistry and allure of these splendid coins, let’s explore their origin, design, and value.



Origins of the Philharmonic Coin

The Austrian Silver Philharmonic coin, first introduced in 2008, is a continuation of the Gold Philharmonic’s legacy, which began in 1989. It is minted by the Austrian Mint, one of the world’s oldest mints with a rich history spanning over 800 years. The Philharmonic series is revered globally and remains a testament to Austria’s significant contribution to music and the arts.

Resplendent Design

The 2024 Silver Philharmonic coin maintains the iconic design elements inspired by Vienna’s world-renowned Orchestra, the Vienna Philharmonic. The coin’s obverse displays the grand pipe organ within Vienna’s Musikverein, the concert hall home to the orchestra. Surrounding the organ are the inscriptions “REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH” and “1 UNZE FEINSILBER,” symbolizing Austria’s heritage and the coin’s purity.

The reverse side of the coin is adorned with an array of orchestral instruments including a Vienna horn, bassoon, harp, cello, and four violins. Centered amidst these instruments is “WIENER PHILHARMONIKER,” celebrating the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. These intricate designs are meticulously engraved, showcasing exquisite detailing and artistic excellence, and elevate the coin’s aesthetic appeal.

Purity and Value

Just like the previous years, we can expect the Silver Philharmonic coin to be composed of one troy ounce of .999 fine silver. This purity, combined with the coin’s legal tender status in Austria carrying a face value of 1.50 euros, makes this coin a perfect Silver investment. 


The 2024 1 Oz Silver Philharmonic coin is anticipated to be available from various reputable dealers, both online and offline. After they are released you can purchase them here at AU Bullion. We offer free shipping on all orders above $500.


The 2024 1 Oz Silver Philharmonic coin from the Austrian Mint is a harmonious blend of art, heritage, and investment potential. It stands as a symbolic tribute to Austria’s illustrious musical history and Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s enduring legacy. Whether you are an avid numismatist, a precious metals investor, or an admirer of finely crafted treasures, this silver coin is sure to strike a chord and resonate with your aesthetic and financial aspirations.