A Guide to Royal Mint’s Gold and Silver Coins for Investors and Collectors

Let’s delve into another prestigious name in the precious metals industry, the Royal Mint. with a rich history spanning centuries in the United Kingdom, the Royal Mint offers investors and collectors a plethora of bullying products to invest in and collect. Let’s look into some of the most sought-after bullion series that make the Royal Mint revered to amongst investors and collectors worldwide

Gold Coins: A Symbol of Timeless Wealth

Gold coins produced by the Royal Mint are renowned around the world for their high quality and purity. Their most popular Gold coin series is the Britannia Gold coins, which first launched in 1987. These coins embody British heritage with their beautiful design which features the Britannia, symbolizing Britain’s strength and integrity. Moreover, to make this Gold coin series accessible to investors with all budgets, the Royal Mint has produced them in various sizes which include: 1/10 Oz, 1/4 Oz, 1/2 Oz, and 1 Oz. 

Silver Coins: The Essence of Beauty and Value

In addition to their gold coin series, the Royal Mint offers a wide variety of silver coins that also offer great investment potential. Just like their Gold Series, the silver Britannia mirrors the yellow metal and makes for a highly recognized coin globally. These coins are a fantastic option for those looking to diversify their Investment Portfolio.

Invest in Royal Mint Bullion Products with AU Bullion 

The Royal Mint offers so much more than just the Britannia coin series, they have a wide variety of other bullion coins as well as numismatic coins, and also Sovereign coins. Additionally, they also offer a range of gold and silver bars for investors to choose from. with their years of Heritage and craftsmanship in all their bullion pieces, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting a high-quality precious metals investment. AU Bullion is proud to be a retailer that sells Royal Mint bullion coins and bars. we have a range of both gold and silver bullion from the Royal Mint for our clients to choose from. Be sure to check out our offerings for your next Royal Mint bullion investment!