About The 2023 Perth Mint Lunar Series


Perth Mint was established on 20 June 1899. It is Australia’s official bullion mint and is completely owned by the Government of Western Australia. Perth Mint provides premium gold, platinum, and silver products and refining services to the global markets. 

Every year, Perth Mint releases gold, silver, diamond, and platinum-based products, including collector coins and jewellery. Amongst all its products, Perth Mint’s Australian Lunar New Year Series is incredibly popular. 

In this article, we will look closely at the Perth Mint Lunar New Year Series and the new products launched by it for 2023. Read on! 

What is the Perth Mint Lunar New Year Series?

The Perth Mint releases new lunar new year products by the name of the lunar new year series each year. According to the official website of the Perth Mint, the Australian Lunar Series III consists of collector coins and bullion. 

It is one of the most popular choices for bullion buyers and Chinese coin collectors. Every coin belonging to the lunar series bears the design of an animal from the Chinese zodiac. The collector coins are made available in gold and silver. 

What are the products of the Perth Mint 2023 lunar series?

For 2023, the Perth Mint has released a series of collector coins and bullion coins by the name, “Australian Lunar Series III 2023: Year Of The Rabbit.”

The series is inspired by the legend of the old lunar calendar and will celebrate 2023 as The Year of Rabbit. The coins of this series are perfect for the people born under the sign of the rabbit. Rabbits are believed to be blessed with creativity, gentleness, and intelligence. They are also considered to be lucky for finance-related matters. 

The Perth Mint 2023 lunar series has limited edition coins and all the coins are Australian legal tender. Let’s have a look at some of the most exciting products of the 2023 Perth Mint lunar series:

  • 1 oz Silver Proof Coin: It is a 99.99% pure silver coin having a Proof Year of the Rabbit design. 
  • 1 oz Silver Bullion Coin in Capsule: This stunning 99.99% pure silver Bullion coin comes encased in a transparent acrylic capsule for added protection. 
  • 10 oz Gold Bullion Coin: The coin is a popular choice for bullion collectors. It is a 99.99% pure gold coin beautifully crafted with the image of a rabbit. 
  • 2 oz Silver Bullion Coin: Similar to the gold bullion coin, this 2oz silver bullion coin is made from 99.99% silver and is meticulously crafted with the image of two rabbits. 


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