Best Gold Coins and Bars to Gift During Chinese New Year 2024: The Year of the Dragon

The Chinese New Year signifies more than just the commencement of a new lunar cycle; it’s a moment to bestow wishes of wealth, fortune, and well-being upon dear ones. Presenting gold, emblematic of affluence and enduring worth, is a cherished custom embodying these sentiments. With 2024 marking the Year of the Dragon, opting for gold coins and bars takes on special resonance, considering the revered place the dragon holds in Chinese lore.


If you’re looking to gift gold this festive season, here are some of the most prestigious gold coins and bars to consider:

Perth Mint Lunar Series – Year of the Dragon:

Hailing from Australia’s renowned Perth Mint, the Lunar series is famed for its intricate designs celebrating the Chinese zodiac. For 2024, the Year of the Dragon coin is bound to be in high demand. Dragons, in Chinese culture, symbolize strength, courage, and good luck. The coin’s design will undoubtedly capture the majesty and power of the dragon, making it a meaningful and beautiful gift.

PAMP Suisse Lunar Series – Year of the Dragon Bars:

PAMP Suisse, a leading name in precious metals, offers its own rendition of the lunar calendar through gold bars. Their Year of the Dragon gold bars are a blend of Swiss craftsmanship with Chinese tradition. These bars typically showcase an intricate dragon design, which on a gold canvas, becomes an exquisite piece of art. Given its weight variations, you can choose one that fits your gifting budget.

Tips for Gifting:

Certification: Ensure that the gold coin or bar you purchase comes with proper certification about its purity and weight. Normally when you purchase PAMP Suisse Gold bars, they will come in assay cards to certify the authenticity of the Gold in the bar. Additionally, some of the Perth Mint Gold coins will come with assay certificates for verification. It is important to always purchase Gold from an authorized dealer like AU Bullion. 

Presentation: A gold gift’s presentation matters. Consider buying coins or bars that come in protective casings or decorative boxes. A well-wrapped gold gift becomes even more appealing.

Personal Touch: Include a handwritten note with your gift, expressing your wishes for the New Year. This adds a personal touch to an already thoughtful present.

Gifting gold, especially one associated with the powerful dragon, sets the tone for a prosperous and auspicious year ahead. Choose wisely and let your gift resonate with the spirit of the Chinese New Year!