Best Silver Bullion Coins to Invest in for 2024

Precious metals are one of the most popular ways for investors to diversify their investment portfolios. Silver bullion coins in particular are an excellent way for investors to create a diverse portfolio that holds intrinsic value but also carries a piece of history. Every year, mints and refineries around the world release new editions of their respective coin series’. For those looking to invest in silver bullion coins, AU Bullion is your go-to destination. Here are some of the top silver bullion coins to consider for 2024:

2024 1 Oz Silver Maple Leaf Coins – Royal Canadian Mint

The Silver Maple Leaf coin is arguably the most popular Silver coin in the bullion industry and is seen as a staple. This is a coin that is recognized by bullion enthusiasts around the globe which makes it a must-have in everyone’s collection. The 2024 Silver Maple coins continue to feature the iconic Canadian Maple Leaf design. Moreover, these coins make for a top choice of investment for their silver purity of 99.99%. Therefore, the 2024 Silver Maple Leaf coin is not only an excellent investment but also a fabulous addition to any collection! 

2024 1 Oz Silver Britannia Coins – The Royal Mint UK

Another highly sought-after bullion coin is the Silver Britannia coin from the Royal Mint UK. This coin series will showcase the iconic image of the Britannia that embodies British heritage with its beautiful design, symbolizing Britain’s strength and integrity. Moreover, these coins have a Silver purity of 99.9% silver, making them a solid investment choice. 

2024 1 Oz Silver Kangaroo Coin – The Perth Mint

Moving to another incredibly popular bullion coin series, we have the Silver Kangaroo coins from the Perth Mint of Australia. The 2024 version of this coin series’ features their iconic Kangaroo design, which symbolizes Austrialia’s wildlife. Moreover, just like the Silver Maples, these coins carry a Silver purity of 99.99% and also have innovative security features. Thus making them a secure and attractive investment option.

2024 1 Oz Silver Eagle Coins – US Mint

Finally, we have the world-famous Silver Eagle coins from the US Mint! These are yet another beloved bullion coin series that is recognized globally. The new 2024 series continues to feature the design of Lady Liberty on the obverse face and the American Eagle on the reverse face. Moreover, these are similar to the British Britannia coins with the same purity of 99.9% silver. 

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