Can you Trust Your Gold Dealer?

Trusting your gold dealer is incredibly important when making an investment. Without trust, you’d be overthinking, and wondering if you made the right choice. Trust is one of the fundamental factors when making an investment. Here’s how you can know if you can trust your gold dealer. 


Communication Builds Trust

A key quality to look out for when talking to your gold dealers is their willingness to interact with their customers. The best gold dealers look forward to interacting with their customers and enjoy answering their questions. They should appear eager to answer questions, address concerns and discuss the details about the products and their prices. 


Gold dealers who don’t seem interested in communicating with you or answering your questions, are not worth it. When you’re investing in gold or anything for that matter, you have the right to know everything you want to know about the products. 


Work with Experienced Gold Dealers with good reputations

When looking into potential candidates for a gold dealer, a great thing to look into is their reputation. An incredible gold dealer should be well known in the community, and have an impressive reputation. They should be interested in providing excellent service, fair value, and much more. The first step in checking that can be done through looking at the dealer’s Google reviews. This will give you a good outlook on what others are saying about this dealer. Putting in the extra effort to find the best dealer who checks all the boxes will definitely be worth your time.


Considering their past performance could help you predict the outcome of your experiences. Their years of experience could dictate their quality of service. Numerous complaints, poor reviews, and low star ratings can be key indicators that the gold dealer is not worth it. Everything counts when looking at possible gold dealer candidates, and whether they’re legitimate or not. 


A good source to check whether your Gold dealer is credible is to check on the Royal Canadian Mint website. There you can find their list of RCM DNA Gold dealers. These dealers are trusted by RCM to retail their products and is a great source to check for a trusted dealer.

Watch out for Fake Gold

Those who invest in them should know how to tell the difference between real and fake gold. Unfortunately, scammers trade fake gold throughout the world. It’s important to take your time to ensure that your gold is authentic when investing. Some ways you can make sure your gold is real are weighing the coins and bars and acid testing them. Most coins have specific designs. You can examine these details and fonts in the designs to ensure that the gold is not fake.

If you are looking for a Gold dealer you can trust then look no further. We are a trustworthy precious metals dealer that takes pride in providing all our clients with an exceptional experience. We are on the Royal Canadian Mint’s list of DNA dealers which gives us more credibility. But more importantly, we have a great track record with our clients, you can see our Google reviews yourself and see what others are saying. Our goal is to help you find our next precious metals investment in a seamless and secure way. Get in touch with our team today for more details!