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Historic review of Silver  

  Historically, silver has been regarded as a precious metal. Many bullion coins contain silver metal, sometimes in addition to gold. Beginning in 3000 BC, a focused effort was made to mine silver. The first complex processing techniques were developed by the ancient Chaldeans (present-day Turkey) about 2500 BC to extract silver from lead-silver ores….

What is meant by trading Silver Futures? 

  A silver exchange-traded fund (ETF) mainly invests in hard silver assets, which are held in trust by the fund manager or custodian. The objective of silver ETFs is to closely follow the spot price of silver on the open market. Silver price fluctuations will affect these ETFs’ NAVs. An ETF for silver’s investment is…

Silver Prices: Will it hit $100 an Ounce?

Silver Price Today: Will it hit $100 an Ounce? Silver is one of the world’s most popular precious metals to invest in, only second to gold. Investing in precious metals such as silver allows investors to protect their wealth through difficult times, like crashes in the market or inflation. That being said, silver prices are…

What Is a Kookaburra?

Kookaburra Coins background In the world of finance rarity is in itself a solid incentive for the purchase decision of investors. The kookaburra series is one of the most famous collectible silver coins. Along with this, it is also a favorite instrument in the financial market due to its stylistic flair. The purchase decision of…