Celebrating Diwali in Surrey, British Columbia

As the shades of fall embrace Surrey, the city’s streets are filled with the vibrant spirit of Diwali, the universally cherished Festival of Lights. In a city where cultures beautifully connect, Surrey becomes filled with gatherings, feasts, and fireworks that paint the night sky with wonder.


Gold and Diwali: A Heritage of Prosperity

Central to the Diwali celebrations is the esteemed tradition of purchasing Gold. This takes place, especially on Dhanteras, which is the first day of the five-day Diwali festivities. Purchasing gold on this auspicous day is symbolic of attracting wealth, divine blessings, and enduring prosperity into one’s life.

For the residents of Surrey, when it comes to honouring this golden tradition, AU Bullion is here to help you follow the years of tradition.

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As the Festival of Lights approaches in Surrey, British Columbia, be sure to visit our store right next door in Vancouver. Located at at 736 Granville Street, Unit 930 Vancouver, BC V6Z 1G3.  Whether continuing an age-old family rite or forging new celebratory paths, with AU Bullion, your investment shines with the brilliance and promise of the Festival of Lights. Here’s to a Diwali that sparkles with golden memories!