Changes following the death of the Queen


The recent passing of her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II has saddened the world. The Queen occupied the British throne for a great 70 years, serving the people through world wars, government changes, several economic crises and the COVID pandemic. Throughout her long and fulfilled lifetime, the queen received several notable accomplishments and achievements. She was impressively the UK’s longest-reigning monarch. With the passing away of a monarch, several changes will occur almost immediately, including the profile of our currency and much more. 

Our Currency

One of the most significant new changes following the period of mourning will be a change in the profile on banknotes and coins. The Queen was the first monarch to be featured on English notes and has been featured on bank notes for the previous 70 years. These faces will now most likely be replaced with an image of king Charles III. Despite the change of the faces on the currency, the Bank of England has reassured us that the precious currency featuring the Queen will still continue to be legal tender. Because the Queen’s profile was facing the right, the new profile of King Charles III will be facing the left. This change will not happen immediately as it will take quite some time to mint and produce these new designs. 

Notable everyday Changes

Another major change following the mourning process will be a change in the iconic post boxes and stamps. A majority of these post boxes currently feature the Queen’s initials, while several others display the initials of precious monarchs. The previously existing post boxes will not change however from now on the stamps will now be designed with a portrait of the King. 

An additional notable change will be the changes to the national anthem. These small changes will include rephrasing “God save the Queen” to “God save the King”, and every reference to “Her” will be changed to “Him”.British Passports will also see a change and will begin to include King Charles III. 

Changes in Bullion

Similar to the changes in currency, we will also see a change in precious metal bullion. A portrait of her Majesty could be found on currency from over 15 countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and more. The mints and refineries based in these countries also produced stunning bullion coins featuring an effigy of Her Majesty on the obverse face. Following the mourning process, designs for the Queen’s effigy on bullion coins will now be discontinued. In the future years to come, these coins will be displaying the profile of King Charles III. Due to this, coins with an effigy of Her Majesty will go up in value in the future as they are now limited. Our beloved Queen will be replaced by King Charles III on precious metal coins as well.