Digital ID Becoming Reality in Canada

Since late 2019, early 2020 – healthcare has been a topic that has implanted itself firmly in the minds of most world citizens.  During a time when the world was in disarray, many industries struggled immensely, with the healthcare industry taking one of the hardest blows.  Knowing that, it seems unimaginable that the Federal Government of Canada would use healthcare funding to blackmail individual provinces into walking down their desired path, regardless of what each individual province and their Premier wants for the people they are responsible for.  It should not go unmentioned that healthcare for taxpayers, in Canada, has become a fundamental right, so using healthcare funding as blackmail to structure an advantageous deal for the Federal Government seems highly unethical.  The only question that remains would be, what is so important to the Federal Government of Canada that they are willing to holdout on healthcare funding for provinces that do not agree?  The answer: Digital IDs for all citizens, of every province.

The idea of Digital IDs is nothing new.  They are something we have been writing about in our newsletters relatively early into 2022 due to the prospect of what these Digital IDs would mean for Canadian citizens and their finances.  At first glance, the implementation of Digital IDs does appear to have some benefits, especially surrounding healthcare, cutting out the need for physical health cards to be carried around, as well as making the transfer of important health information across provincial borders FAR easier.  However, Premiers like Scott Moe in Saskatchewan and Danielle Smith in Alberta, have pushed back, with Moe stating, “The Government of Saskatchewan is not creating a Digital ID nor will we accept any requirements for the creation of a Digital ID tied to healthcare funding.  The Government of Saskatchewan will not share any personal medical information with the federal government.  This information is protected under The Health Information Protection Act and will remain so.”  Smith then backed these statements made by the Premier of Saskatchewan.  While there are some Premiers pushing back, most are willingly going along with the Federal Government’s request for Digital IDs to be implemented in return for continued healthcare funding, which indicates these IDs are just over the horizon when it comes to full implementation across the country.

It is important to remember that Digital IDs will merely be the first step, as the ultimate goal of these Digital IDs will be the implementation of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) that will be tied directly to your Digital ID through your PURELY digital bank account.  No more cash spent in secret, no more silver and/or gold purchases to protect your wealth now tied in CBDCs which is now subject to negative interest rates to ensure citizens keep spending and stop saving.  This coming right out of the Bank of International Settlements, their words, not ours, and remember; over 115 countries are currently working on a CBDC to be issued by the government or central banks in each country.  Programmable digital currency, tied with a Digital ID that is used similarly to a Social Credit Score, will give the Federal Government full control over what we are allowed to do, where we are allowed to go, and what we are allowed to spend our money on.  If this sounds conspiratorial to you, look what the World Economic Forum released in their Digital ID white paper:

Think about what is being said in the above statement about Morocco’s Digital ID system.  Only once all citizens are tied to a Digital ID will they be able to have access to “critical healthcare, social services, school enrolment, open a bank account, vote, or even GET A JOB”… All of these things can be done already, without the need for the government to track each person in any area that they try to interact with society.  Then the kicker, the WEF goes onto say, “The ID system, which is ‘presence-less, paper-less and CASH-LESS’”.  The goal is to remove all ability to operate as a sovereign being without being surveilled in some way.  If you go back to one of our earlier newsletters, we clearly outline how the Bank of International Settlements is pushing for CBDCs due to cash or other means of payments (silver and gold) being untraceable by governments, where as with CBDCs they will know where every dollar is spent.

It is becoming clear that as the Digital ID and CBDC systems continue to creep closer and closer to our backyards, the importance of holding wealth outside the system that cannot be tracked should not be understated.  Silver and gold through all of history, have provided that protection, empowering their holder to spend their money anyway they so choose due to them being held OUTSIDE the system.  This protection is increased when you consider that like our current fiat dollars in circulation, CBDCs can be minted at will, lessening the purchasing power of those holding them.  Justin Trudeau and the Federal Government are moving full steam ahead toward this reality – tightening their grip on the finances of all Canadian citizens.  To ensure you have wealth protected once this transition inevitably takes place, look toward silver and/or gold, both storing massive wealth, in a very small area.  This week, we are highlighting our 10oz TD Silver Bars.  They come from a reputable source, and are sure to satisfy the needs of any silver stacker looking to add to their precious metal savings.

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