Elevating Your Investment Portfolio with Platinum Bullion: A Strategic Choice

The world of investing in precious metals, Platinum bullion is a fantastic option to help you diversify your investment portfolio. Platinum offers a unique investment opportunity with its versatile industrial applications, as well as its significant rarity. For investors looking beyond investing in Gold and Silver, Platinum poses as a great opportunity.

What is Platinum Bullion?

When we refer to Platinum bullion we think about Platinum in its physical form, which would come in the form of bars and coins. Moreover, Platinum bullion is valued based on its weight and purity, and the standard purity is 99.5%. Additionally, Platinum’s physical properties, including its high resistance to corrosion and its catalytic qualities, make it not only a precious investment but also a valuable industrial commodity. This gives investors a sense of ownership, security and stability that cannot be matched with other investments.

Types of Platinum Bullion

Just like Gold and Silver, Platinum bullion comes in different options for investors to choose from, offering them a variety of options with different characteristics:

Platinum Bars: These are normally the most common and popular way of investing in Platinum bullion. They are available in a range of sizes, from small 1 ounce bars to large 10 ounce bars. Investors typically purchase bars due to their lower premiums over the spot price of Platinum. 

Platinum Coins: Platinum coins are minted by government mints which gives them a legal tender status in their respective countries. Some renowned Platinum coins consist of the Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf, American Platinum Eagle, and Australian Platinum Koala. In addition to these coins being popular investment options, they also hold value in the eyes of collectors. Moreover, they tend to carry a higher premium than bars due to their collectibility as well as design.

Platinum Rounds: These are similar to Platinum coins in terms of shape, however they are produced by private mints meaning they will not hold any legal tender value. As a result they will be a more affordable option and entry point for investors who are interested in platinum. 

Why Invest in Platinum Bullion?

Platinum bullion presents several benefits for investors:

Rarity: Compared to Gold and Silver, Platinum is significantly more rare, as a result making it a great diversifcaiton option with the potential for a huge upside. 

Versatile Demand: It is a versatile asset that is used in catalytic converters in cars, jewellery as well as other industries. Making it a fantastic option for long term growth and demand. 

Diversification: Adding platinum to your investment portfolio is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio to reduce the overall risk.

Invest in Platinum Today

Whether you are new to precious metals or are a seasoned investor, AU Bullion carries a wide selection of Platinum bullion for you to choose from. We ensure that we can cater to investors with all budgets and also are priced fairly for you to win! Take the initiative to invest in platinum bullion today. It’s a strategic move that adds depth and diversity to your investments, setting the stage for a robust and prosperous financial future.