Gold Price in Canada


Gold is a highly tangible asset that has a history of holding its value. It is a stable asset that is used as a hedge against inflation. It provides investors with an extra sense of security as it does well in times of economic uncertainty. In comparison to other assets such as bonds and stocks, gold is highly liquid. This means in times of emergency, it can act as an investment cushion. Gold is protection against erosion of major currencies. Typically, Gold buyers will invest In Gold because it provides highly competitive returns in comparison to other valuables. Check for Gold Price Canada & make your decision to buy precious metals at low rates.

When buying precious metals, it is important to be comfortable with the current spot price. Gold is constantly fluctuating and buying and selling at appropriate times is crucial when trying to make the best return on investment. The up and down price of gold is heavily dependent on the current economic situation. In uncertain economic times, Gold tends to rise above other investments. For instance, in 2020 when the global pandemic hit, the stock market was heavily affected. 

However, Gold actually hit its all time high in summer, touching $2700/oz. Lots of individuals sold many of their metals when this occurred and made very good returns. Another major factor playing in the setting of spot price is the balance of demand and supply within the international market. The spot price of gold is also reliant on the future months contract with the most volume. Gold spot is constantly traded close to 24 hours a day excluding weekends.

When buying Gold, specifically Gold bullion and coins, it is important to conduct your own research on the premiums you are going to pay. All gold has premiums and these costs are based on three central things, mining, minting and shipping. Obviously there are more minor costs, but these influence the premium of the investment. As with all pricey goods, when the supply is low and demand is high, the price increases. When the supply is high and demand is low, price decreases. Often when Gold demand is low, suppliers will drop their premiums to attract more buyers. Research demand and supply rates and take advantage. Get 1 oz gold price now and order your precious metal!

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