Gold price is still on pace to push above $2,000 as stagflation, and recession risks rise


Gold prices are expected to reach more than $2000 an ounce by the end of 2022. According to the annual report by ‘In Gold We Trust’, these prices are even expected to rise above $5000 an ounce towards the end of 2030. This is an authoritative report on gold market investment which gives a detailed analysis of political-economic conditions from the Austrian School perspective. Recession risks rise & its time to shop gold bullion now from us at best rates.

Experts are confident that gold prices will continue to rise while the rest of the global economy is pushed towards recession. Incrementum AG further claims that this may create an environment of constant high inflation, unemployment, and stagnant demand. The recent trend of tightened fiscal policies will also reveal the detail of global economic issues which were previously ignored due to loose economic policies. The Federal Reserve had previously introduced 20 such tightened monetary policies, and 17 of them led to recession.

These financial conditions are expected to impact 60/40 investors of stocks and bonds, and they will be unable to protect their investments from negative returns. During these circumstances, the Federal Reserve has decided to increase the interest rates to 3% by the end of 2022. Experts say that these measures may not work for long as the pace of the global economy is slowing down simultaneously. 

While the stock market is likely to suffer losses due to more than 5% inflation, the only safe way out is to invest in gold and silver. The prices of gold have recently risen by 1%. Similarly, in earlier periods of such inflation and recession, these precious metals have always displayed a relative increase in prices. 

With Russia waging war on Ukraine, analysts predict that the value of the US dollar may be renewed as the global reserve currency due to the sanctions imposed on Russia. Gold will also receive further significance by proving to be a confident monetary reserve with high purchasing power in global politics.  

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