Gold Spot Price: Introduction & it’s determining factors 


Gold spot price today are based on the published “bid” price, which is the most recent price at which buyers are ready to purchase. The cost of one troy ounce of gold on foreign exchanges serves as the basis for the spot price of gold. The trading activity in the futures markets serves as the basis for the spot price.In the US, the COMEX is the primary exchange where gold is traded and where the spot price is set.

Is it a good idea to buy Gold at the Spot Prices? 

No, you cannot purchase gold at the current spot rate. Forging gold into coins or bars is always subject to additional surcharges. The spot price is the starting point for any gold market transaction. The form of gold you purchase will determine your final cost. Gold bars are the least expensive luxury products. Due of the more elaborate designs on gold coins, the premium is a little higher. 

Fluctuating Spot Price: 

The balance between supply and demand on the global market is what ultimately determines the spot price of gold. The supply of gold grows as more people sell, or if mine and manufacturing activity expand significantly, which lowers the spot price. The spot price of gold will rise if there is a high demand in the market due to the number of people wishing to invest in gold. Additionally, there are broad variables that might affect both buyers and sellers. 

-US Dollars: The dollar and gold typically have an inverse relationship (when the dollar rises, gold falls, and vice versa).

-Inflation: Gold has a tendency to increase during inflationary periods or even when inflation is predicted, making it arguably the greatest inflation hedge in history.

-Interest Rates: Interest rates and gold typically have an inverse relation (when rates rise, the spot price of gold lowers). 

-Stock Markets: The stock market and gold have an inverse relation. Investors typically buy less gold when they are enthusiastic about stocks. They frequently purchase more gold when the stock market is declining and they are anxious.

-Central Banks: Gold price can be impacted by central bank action, including money printing and the purchase or sale of real gold.

-Crisis: The spot price of gold can be impacted by practically any catastrophe, including terrorism, political unrest, and even recessions.

-Commodities: Gold is more of a “currency” than a commodity, but as it is used in jewellery and industry, the performance of other commodities can have an impact on its price.

Best time to buy Gold: 

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