Guide to Finding Reliable Bullion Dealers for Your Precious Metals Investment

The precious metal in the shape of coins, bars, or ingots is known as “bullion.” Examples of this type of metal are gold and silver. Bullion is frequently used as an inflation hedge and as an investment.

Tips for Finding Reliable Dealers & Sellers

There are a few pointers you should keep in mind when looking for the best Canadian bullion dealers.

  •   The Royal Canadian Mint or Canadian Bullion Services approved members are the ones you should start your search with. The authenticity of the bullion items sold by these groups, which are trustworthy, is guaranteed.
  •   Second, read online testimonials from clients that have utilized their services as well as reviews, ratings, and comments from other clients.
  •   An assortment of bullion items, including coins and bars of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, will then be obtainable from dependable mints and refineries from reliable dealers.
  •   Lastly, check sure the dealer you chose has affordable prices. Be certain that you’re receiving a fair price by comparing the bullion product pricing with those of other dealers.

How to Compare Prices & Check For Hidden Fees When Buying Bullions

  •   Spot price check: The spot prices for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium can be found on websites for bullion exchanges or financial news.
  •   Verify that the markup is fair and in line with industry norms.
  •   Investigate the costs of the same product from other merchants to evaluate whether there is any appreciable price difference.
  •   Some dealers may tack on extra costs like shipping, handling, storage, or insurance, be sure you are informed of all the expenses involved.
  •   Request a total price quote from the dealer that takes all extra fees and taxes into account.
  •   Aware of the dealer’s buyback policy.

·   Make sure you are familiar with the available payment methods and any applicable fees like credit card payments or wire transfers, which could impose extra costs.

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