How do I sell my Gold coins and bars in Canada?


Typically, Investors are attracted to precious metals because of how tangible they are. These assets can be seen as luxury goods or long term investments. They are a source of extra security as opposed to a common bank savings account. Gold is a unique asset that is highly liquid, yet scarce. Gold provides competitive returns compared to other financial investments. Therefore, when looking to sell your Gold coins and bars in Canada, it is essential to conduct your own research. Your Gold can be sold in different methods and it is important to decide carefully to get yourself the top dollar. 


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If you are looking to sell your Gold coins and bars nearby, there are several options. Pawnshops, local jewelers, coin shops, and banks will give investors the upper hand by handing cash on the spot. If you are looking to sell your metal online, find a reputable buyer as online trading holds more risks. Distinguished online shops like eBay also help with finding clients for your Gold bars and coins. When selling your Gold bars and coins it is important to differentiate sovereign and mint/refinery bars and coins. Government Sovereign bars will guarantee purity and content and usually always have a good resale value. Bullion bars produced by highly reputable refiners or mints have the strongest resale value. These bars can come with certificates and serial numbers making each bar unique. Along with authenticity, the bars come with a long trusted brand name and this gives investors the extra sense of security. 


Before selling your Gold bars and coins, make sure you are comfortable with the current market situation. The overall goal of any investment is to make the best return. Therefore, when the value for gold is higher, make sure a good buyer will pay fairly based on market rates. Overall, Gold has proved and will continue to prove its stability and is always a great investment. It hedges against inflation and erosion of other major currencies. In comparison to other investments such as stocks and bonds, gold has proven to be a highly liquid asset. Many investors diversify their portfolio with precious metals as it can be an investment cushion. If you are looking to sell your gold in Toronto or Vancouver, Au Bullion offers some of the most competitive rates on the market. We offer cash, wire transfer, e transfer or cheque.