Investing in Circulated Silver Bullion: A Smart Start for New Investors

For a new investor in the world of precious metals, choosing the right form of bullion for your portfolio could actually make a pivotal decision. Circulated Silver Bullion is the perfect choice among the alternatives for those looking to make a maximum return on investment (ROI), but at the same time not stretch their budget.

Bullion in Circulated Silver includes old coins and bars that may have been previously owned and traded, hence at times showing the wear and tear of points. They are generally offered at lower premiums than their uncirculated, shiny new counterparts. This means you can purchase more silver for the same amount of money, effectively increasing your investment potential.

Why Circulated Silver Bullion Offers Lower Premiums

The premium on Silver bullion is the cost seen over the spot price of silver. Premiums typically include mining, refining, manufacturing, distribution, and a small dealer markup. As a result, making BU coins to have a higher price than their circulated counterpart. Additionally, circulated coins and bars also normally don’t carry the same aesthetic value as new items and, hence are sold at a lower premium. The lower cost makes them an attractive option for investors looking for a bigger ROI.

Benefits for Portfolio Growth

Investing in circulated Silver bullion is a strategic move for portfolio growth. More so, you get more silver for every dollar; therefore, with every purchase in the account, it should give your portfolio a higher weight in precious metals, hence diversity and protection from the market fluctuation of another asset.

Additionally, the circulated silver metal has the same intrinsic value and remained through the ages without much fluctuation. So during hard economic times, it is still a safe haven for one’s money.

Invest in Circulated Silver with AU Bullion

When making your first bullion purchase, selecting the right dealer is crucial.

As a new investor, opting for circulated Silver bullion from trusted dealers like AU Bullion can significantly lower the entry barriers to precious metal investments. These options not only offer financial accessibility but also pave the way for substantial portfolio growth. Here at AU Bullion, we ensure that we are offering all our clients the lowest rates in the market. We understand that everybody has investment goals, and we want to help you maximize your ROI with your precious metals portfolio. Moreover, we carry a wide variety of circulated Silver for you to choose from. As a result, catering to investors with all budgets and investment strategies in growing their portfolio. 

Takeaways for new investors

It is important to remember that with every step you take towards growing your portfolio, you will reap the benefits in the future. Whether you are investing in 1 Oz Silver or 100 Oz Silver, the moment you start, you will be taking a step toward a stronger financial future. It is important to remember that just because the piece of circulated bullion you invest in is not as shiny as an uncirculated piece, does not mean you will lose on investment gains. This piece of Silver still holds the same purity and silver content as the BU piece. As a result, giving you the same intrinsic value of Silver to help you grow your portfolio.