Precious Metals: Answering the Most Commonly Asked Questions


  • What are precious metals and why do precious metals hold their value?

Rare and expensive metals called precious metals are employed in investments, manufacturing, and ornamentation. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are the precious metals most widely recognized in the world. Since they are rare, possess special qualities, and they’re in high demand, precious metals are valuable.

  • What separates numismatic coins from bullion?

           Coins minted for investment purposes are termed “bullion coins,” and the metal contained in each coin indicates how much it is worth. On the other hand, numismatic coins are esteemed for their rarity, age, and condition in conjunction with their metal content.

  • What is the advantage as well as the risk of precious metal investments?
  • Benefit: The prospect for long-term growth, inflation prevention, and risk diversification are all benefits of investing in precious metals.
  • Risk: Because of changes in both demand and supply, shifting financial climate, and geopolitical events, the worth of precious metals often changes. Investors may also consider the cost of safekeeping and insurance.
  • How can I make a precious metals investment?

           You can invest in precious metals in several ways, such as by acquiring real bullion, numismatic coins, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), or mining company shares.

  • A precious metal IRA: What is it?

           An IRA (Individual Retirement Account) that invests in physical precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, as compared to traditional equities, bonds, or mutual funds, is known as a precious metal IRA. The aim of a precious metal IRA is to give a different type of retirement investment that has the potential to offer versatility and security from inflation. Investors have a broad range of precious metal investments to store in their IRAs, including coins and bars. A financial planner may be able to provide you with tailored investing advice.

  • How do I sell my precious metals such as silver and gold?

           You can come back to us here at Au Bullion. We are always paying the most competitive rates on your old Gold and Silver bullion.