Rogers Outage Provides Public Crash Course on Sound Money

Rogers Outage Provides Public Crash Course on Sound Money

If you are a customer of Rogers or one of its subsidiary brands Fido, Cityfone, or Chatr – you found yourself waking up the morning of July 8th having been thrust back a couple of generations without access to cell service, an internet connection, TV services, public transportation and most worrisome of all to millions was the realization they had been locked out of their online banking services with major debit and credit card issues resulting from the network outage that started at 4:40am. This meant that paying with digital dollars was no longer an option at local gas stations or grocery stores that relied on the Rogers network for their payment systems; people running on empty or their fridges in need of restocking were OUT OF LUCK. Shortly after the attack on cash for being dirty and cumbersome to carry around – many were scrambling to their local bank branches to withdraw as much cash as they could to help get them through the uncertainty due to many citizens holding no cash at all and Rogers providing little to no reasoning for the outage or how long it would take to fix. Still today, a full 3 days later you are seeing reports of Canadians without connection or access to basic services. Below you can see a heat map of the Rogers outage. Note: Canada lost 25% of its connectivity during the peak of the outage.


What was likely the worst of the entire situation was the fact that 911 services across the country (mainly within Ontario where the majority of outages were reported, also just happening to be the most populated area of Canada) were being hindered. It is immeasurable the damage a delay in response time causes to those in need of emergency help where every second matters, and to think that between Rogers and Telus they control 90% of the entire grid across Canada leaving the nation extremely vulnerable to another one of these outages. A monopoly within such an important industry is now something many have called into question with the heightened risk of cyber attacks swirling across the world, which while an important topic overall, it is largely distracting from the MAJOR issue this outage revealed to observant citizens.

One of the main missions of these newsletters the past couple of months has been to drive home the understanding that as we move toward a digital economy (while it may have its many benefits) – the issuer of “money” or more appropriately called currency today within that digital economy, gains more and more power. When transitioned into a Central Bank Digital Currency – the holder will effectively have ZERO power over the energy stored in currency form after a hard day’s work due to its programmability. As we have previously warned would be the case during a cyber attack, all “money” tied up in the bank was rendered useless when the Rogers outage occurred. So what if this was more serious, widespread, and long-lasting? Yes, some citizens were able to remove cash, but remember Fractional Reserve Banking: branches hold less than 3% of all deposits actually in your account and even less than that in the bank vaults itself in cash form to cover itself if all citizens started a bank run. Essentially, all numbers within bank accounts in times of crisis are merely that, numbers. This, of course, is the polar opposite to silver and gold whose holders cannot be blocked from spending their own money, placing all their purchasing power back in their own hands, and during times of crisis – tangible assets is what everyone wants.

What this outage provided citizens in the form of mainstream news direction as they told the public to go get cash from the bank to cover expenses in the meantime was a re-education on the importance of storing some cash at home outside the banking system. This is what we always said needed to take place prior to silver and gold values skyrocketing to cover the money supply that has been drastically expanded since 2020: a re-education of the public on the benefits of sound money. This was step one. The public has been shown the value of physical cash. Once they are then given the lesson that inflation is here to stay and that will cause that physical cash they just withdrew to be as useless as the numbers in their digital account – they will rush to silver and gold the same way they rushed to cash. However, at that point, due to silver and gold not having the ability to be printed at will: the public’s final lesson will be that there is not enough for everyone and that those who were early within the silver and gold sector will make all clichés ring true and they will get the worm.

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