Royal Canadian Mint Gold and Silver Bullion

The Royal Canadian Mint is based in the capital city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Established in 1908, the RCM is now responsible for minting all of Canada’s circulation coins. Since its establishment, 73 other countries had their coins produced by the Mint, cementing its trustworthy reputation. Not only does RCM manufacture coins, but they also manufacture beautiful precious metal coins & bars. With state-of-the-art machinery and a team of experts, the RCM produces stunning and amazingly crafted bars and coins.

Here at AU Bullion, we carry a number of products that will be sure to fit your needs. We carry RCM 1 Oz Gold Bars and also a number of gold coins in many sizes. Should you need 1 oz Gold Maple, 1 oz bar, or even fractional Gold Maples we can provide you with the right product. In our large selection of Silver Bullion products, we also carry various products from the RCM. We carry numerous sizes such as 10 RCM Silver bars, 1 oz Silver Maple coins, 2 oz Silver coins, and many more. Moreover, depending on the number of coins you need, we also offer brand new sealed Maple tubes.

If you’d like to purchase any Royal Canadian Mint products, look no further than You can browse our online shop to find a number of Gold and Silver RCM bullion products. Furthermore, our online shop makes buying bullion significantly easier with easy browsing and quick checkout times. We offer shipping and pick-ups depending on your location. If you’d like to pick up your RCM products in Toronto you can visit our head office. If you’re located in Vancouver, you can choose to pick up your RCM products from our partner in Surrey, B.C.

Should you have any questions about buying RCM products, feel free to contact us today! Our team will gladly answer any of your questions. Contact us via email, live chat, social media, or call us! +1 905-605-6757