Silver Bars to Buy for Your Bar Collection: What is the Best Size Silver Bar?

Nowadays, you can buy a bar as an investment as well. The value of the metal used in manufacturing bars has also increased over the years so it’s now quite easy to buy one at a decent price, even if you’re not extremely knowledgeable about the precious metal storage market.

Whether you’re buying your first silver bar or looking to expand your collection, rest assured that you can find some great options out there for both scenarios.

Benefits of Buying Silver Bars

      1. Silver coins cost more than silver bars: Because coins have more unique designs and higher labour and machining costs, premiums are lower. Although coins may be more attractive, you       must pay more for them. For example, if the weight of the bar is 1 ounce the premium will be 7% approx. on the other hand, a 1-ounce silver coin premium will be 19% approx.

  1. Storing silver bars is simpler than silver coins: When purchased in large quantities, silver coins take up much more space than silver bars of the same weight.
  2. Silver bars are simpler to handle: because they won’t tarnish and will stay intact when stored properly. Bars also have the advantage of being simple to transport and liquidate.

Silver coins are more expensive than 10 oz. silver bars. You might be perplexed by this because coins are lighter than 10 oz. silver bars. Yes, they cost more than the typical silver coin, but in comparison, the amount of silver content is much higher.

There are various sizes of silver bars:

Gram denominations: Ounce denominations: Kilogram denominations:
1 gram ½ ounce 1 kilogram
5 grams 1 ounce  
10 grams 5 ounces  
100 grams 10 ounces  
500 grams 100 ounces  
  1000 ounces  


1-ounce bar: This small bar has a silver content of about 31.105 grams. Most silver coins are this size as well.

10-ounce bar: This bar has a silver content of about 311 grams.

1-kilogram bar: A bar weighing 1000 grams, is about the size of a small brick. European investors, who prefer buying bullion in grams and kilograms, prioritize this bar as their preferred option.

100-ounce bar: this bar contains 3.107kg of silver.

The bars that weigh 1 kilo and 100 ounces are the most useful for storage and investment among those sizes.

Selecting a Silver Bar:

Any silver bar you are thinking about purchasing should have the following information:

  •   Content or weight (how much silver the bar contains)
  •   Purity (such as.9999 purity)
  •   Refinery (you want to see the manufacturer’s name stamped on the bar)
  •   Serial number (the unique number printed on it)
  •   If a bar is IRA-eligible, that’s another sign you’re buying a high-quality product. That shows it has a solid reputation and adheres to high standards.

Silver bars of Brands:

  •   PAMP Suisse Silver Bars
  •   Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bars
  •   Engelhard Silver Bars
  •   Johnson Matthey Silver Bars
  •   Generic Silver Bars

How Much Should I Expect to Pay?

The price of silver is constantly changing, so it’s important to keep up to date. When you’re ready to buy your silver, compare prices with several different dealers before you make your purchase.

Where Shop of Silver Bars:

There are many different places you can buy silver bars, including Local coin shops, Online dealers, precious metals dealers.. Here, purchasing silver bars from a reputable dealer is the best course of action. A reliable dealer sells high-quality products, offers sound advice, and assists you in avoiding downfalls. Au bullion carries a wide variety of Gold & Silver investment products for you to invest in!

To find out which silver bars are the best choice to achieve your bullion investment objectives, contact one of our  precious metals specialist right away.