The Worlds Gold: Where it’s stored.


The world’s gold is stored in many different places, including the vaults of central banks, commercial banks, and private individuals. You might want to know where the world’s gold is stored. With this simple guide, you will be able to find out the answer.

Section: US Federal Reserve

Most of the world’s gold is stored underground in vaults. The New York Federal Reserve Bank has the largest gold vault in the world, with approximately 7,000 tons of gold stored in its underground facilities.

Approximately 497,000 gold bars totalling about 6,190 tonnes were stored in the vault as of 2019. The vault can bear this weight because it is supported by Manhattan Island’s bedrock, which is 50 feet below sea level and 80 feet below street level.

Fort Knox is one of the most secure government buildings in the world. It houses gold reserves for all US Mints, including those in San Francisco and Denver, and Fort Knox.

Section: NYC vaults

The New York City Special Deposit Box Company (SDBC) is the city’s vaulting company. They are responsible for storing gold, silver, and platinum bullion bars, as well as other precious metals and coins. The SDBC has 2 NY vaults, located on Liberty Street in lower Manhattan and at 60 Wall Street in Manhattan’s Financial District.

The NYSDC also has a vault storage facility in Fort Knox, Kentucky where they store all their gold holdings from around the world.

Section: Deutsche Bundesbank

Another bank with mountains of gold bars in its basement is the Bundesbank, the centre of German financial stability. Germany has recently been searching. The nation has been squandering euros to re-patronize (bring back) German gold.

Section: England’s gold reserves

England’s gold reserves, which are stored in vaults at the Bank of England, are estimated to be worth £170bn. The Bank of England has two main vaults that hold gold reserves: The Gold Vault and the Bullion Office Vaults.

  •   The Gold Vault is located underneath Threadneedle Street in London and was built in 1933. It holds 1,300 tonnes of gold bullion with an estimated value of £28bn at today’s prices.
  •   The Bullion Office Vaults were built in 1805 and hold about 700 tonnes of gold bars with an estimated value of £22bn at today’s prices.

The location that is most well-known may be a secret! A store of gold was recently purchased by the ICBC (The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) from Barclays Bank. The capacity of a brand-new, top-secret vault is 2,000 tonnes of gold.

Section: Individual Ownership

A sizable amount of gold is also kept in vaults around the globe on behalf of private investors, investment companies, commercial banks, and of course gold jewellery owners!

Takeaway: There is a lot of Gold in waiting.

it’s estimated that the amount of gold circulating in the world is around 182,000 tonnes. Of course, not all of this is held by normal citizens, as governments and banks have stored undisclosed amounts in vaults across the globe. Most of the world’s gold is stored in vaults in New York. London owns the second largest amount. This shows that gold ends up in the hands of those who trade it daily. Only a small percentage of gold is used for jewellery and decoration, while most are used as an investment or to create a new currency.