Top 10 Reasons Why Gold is a Great Investment


Gold has been used as a means of barter and investment for thousands of years. Its history alone presents us with reasons as to why it is such a great investment. You can look through the internet and find many reasons why you should invest in Gold. However, we will save you the troubles of all the Google searches. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 reasons why Gold is a great investment.

1) There is a limited supply of Gold

The reason why Gold has been used as currency before is due to the fact that it has a limited supply. This is what makes it a precious metal. Unlike cash which the federal reserve can continue to print, Gold cannot be duplicated. When you buy Gold you are investing in an asset that cannot be inflated. It is something that you own and are technically in control of. With supply decreasing as years go on, the demand continues to increase. Thus making Gold a safe long-term investment. 

2) Gold retains its value

When you look at other assets, such as stocks, we can see that Gold holds its value significantly better. In the past we’ve seen the stock market skyrocket, then crash the very next day. When we look at Gold, we can see that it’s more reliable and retains its value a lot better. It has got less overall volatility, which makes it more appealing in the eyes of investors.

3) Gold is a safe-haven investment

This goes hand-in-hand with Gold having a limited supply. Gold is seen as a safe-haven currency when compared to other currencies. During times of economic crisis or a stock market crash, safe-havens like Gold and Silver increase in value. 

4) Gold is a great hedge

Gold can be used as a hedge in a couple of different ways. One prominent way of Gold being a hedge is against inflation. As the banks print more money, the dollar gets more inflated. As Gold cannot be replicated, it increases in value while the money supply increases. Additionally, Gold can be used as a hedge in your investment portfolio against other failed investments. 

5) Physical Gold provides security

Take a look at your investment portfolio and assess whether or not one day everything can go away. Whether you are invested in crypto, stocks or just hold cash, it can all go away. Either that or you can lose all access to that and no longer remain in control. Physical Gold on the other hand leaves you in full control. This is the security factor that matters most. You want to be in full control of your wealth and when you distribute it. Which is why it is important to distribute some of your wealth into precious metals. 

6) You can invest in Gold whatever quantities you want

Gold offers the advantage that you can invest in small quantities or large. You can buy in the form of a coin, bar, nugget, jewellery, and a few other ways. You can buy fractional Gold so you don’t have to spend large amounts of money. You can also buy in large quantities to pay less in premiums and have a larger ROI. You have a great deal of freedom when investing in Gold. 

7) Banks and other large financial institutions invest in Gold

The world’s financial markets are controlled by banks and these large financial institutions. Smart investors follow in the footsteps of these behemoths. It’s good to know that these financial whales invest in Gold and precious metals, like the rest of us. This provides us with more confidence in Gold being a good investment choice. 

8) There is now a decreased threat in counterfeit 

At the time of writing this blog, there are many security features that help to ensure that your investment is not counterfeit. Gold and Silver refineries and manufacturers have increased the number of security features in their bullion. 

9) Other precious metals are a great investment as well

Silver is another great investment that correlates with Gold. What’s great is that Silver is a lot more affordable than Gold. Silver follows a similar pattern to Gold as they are both precious metals. However, Silver has more industrial use than that of Gold. Making it yet another great potential investment. 

10) Gold provides a great deal of stability 

Putting some of your money in Gold keeps your investment portfolio at a lower risk. Gold is less volatile than other investments, thus providing you with the peace of mind that your investment is safe. 

Explore using Gold as an Investment

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