Turn your luxury watch into an investment


Precious metals are scarce natural metallic elements that have high economic value. There are many factors to why Precious metals, specifically, Gold and Silver are expensive. Their high usage in several different industries contributes to why these metals are in demand. Gold and SIlver are regularly used to create different types of products. Although Silver has a higher 56% industrial use over Gold’s 12%, Gold’s use in specific products makes it a superior asset. 

High-end luxury watches such as Rolex, Bretlings, Omegas, ect, mechanical or quartz are historically high in value because of their unique internal designs. The complications of the gears and springs in watches makes it difficult to mass produce without high quality control. This makes it rare in the market. The result of this is their high prices. Gold and SIlver are historically known as safe haven assets that have appreciated over time. They are often used by investors as a hedge against inflation and erosion of major currencies. Gold and Silver perform well during times of economic uncertainty. When these elements are then proceeded to be used as the majority base of high value watches, it immensely increases their value. 

Typically, watches are collector items. However, they can be used as long term investments as well. When looking to purchase your first luxury watch, it is crucial to perform your own personal research. Luxury watches will already have a reputable name which allows their value to be great. When precious metals are combined, it makes the watch a liquid asset. This means the watch can be easily sold for quick cash. Watches can be passed through generations, or be bought and flipped. There is a big market for exclusive pieces. 

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