Variety Meets Value: Invest in Silver Bars of All Weights and Mints

Precious metals have been tried and tested methods of investment for centuries. Investors and collectors around the world can attest to the value that precious metals provide. One of the most common and easy ways to begin investing in precious metals bullion is through investing in Silver bars

Silver Bars as an Investment Option 

In the world of investing, Silver is viewed as a safe haven asset that protects investors’ wealth against inflation and times of economic crisis. It offers a more affordable entry point into precious metals investing, when compared to its yellow metal counterpart, Gold. Due to its affordability, Silver is more liquid, making it extremely easy to buy and sell. Moreover, due to its huge industrial demand, Silver has the potential to offer investors a great return on investment.                           

Why Invest in Silver Bars? 

Silver has the potential to yield a very strong return on investment because of the significantly lower price than gold. additionally, due to its vast industrial demand that is always growing, many investors believe there is a huge upside to silver. silver bars posed as a great investment option as they tend to have lower premiums than silver coins. this is because silver bars don’t carry a face value that is assigned by government mints on coins. Additionally, silver bars are available in a variety of different sizes that can help you make the best decision for your Investment Portfolio based on your affordability. silver bars can range from half ounce bars all the way up to large 100 oz bars

Variety of Silver Bars

At AU Bullion We carry a wide variety of silver bars for investors and collectors to choose from. we have bars ranging from all different sizes and prices to serve both new and seasoned precious metals investors. Additionally, we are an authorized Royal Canadian Mint bullion DNA dealer. this prestigious title is a testament to our commitment to our clients in offering them the highest quality bullion. 

How to Save When Buying Silver Bars 

One of the best ways that you can save when you are investing in silver bars is through buying in bulk or buying larger bars. We offer price incentives when buying silver from us in higher quantities, allowing you to buy in bulk directly from our website. often when you’re buying 10 oz silver bars, we offer a 10 pack which would reduce your overall premium on each silver ounce, as a result saving you some money for a higher return on investment. Additionally, if you were to compare the premiums on a 100 oz silver bar to a 1 oz silver bar, you would notice that there are significantly lower premiums on the larger bars than there are on the smaller bars. 

For more information about bulk orders feel free to get in touch with our team. We always strive to give our clients the most competitive rates on silver bullion in Canada to ensure that everybody wins and you have a trusted and reliable bullion dealer to fall back on!