What Does Gold’s Recent Rally Mean?


For the past few weeks Gold has been rallying back up after reaching lows in March. Of course it hasn’t been a straight rally up, but week-over-week it has consistently been increasing. This recent bull run could be the one to take Gold back up to it’s all time high.

We all know that with the Biden administrations Federal budget, inflation is around the corner. Along with the pandemic being prolonged, the economy is headed into a massive inflationary period. This is one of the biggest factors that is leading this bull run for Gold. With unemployment hardly improving either, Gold is set to ‘go to the moon’.

That is why buying Gold bullion is a very wise investment right now. As prices keep going up each week, you would want to invest before prices reach those highs. As an investor you would want to maximize on your ROI. Which is why you should not wait any longer. We have been saying this over and over again since Gold reached its lows in March.

At the end of March Gold price hit as low as $1678.5 (USD/Oz). It is always a good idea to buy more during dips as it would hedge their overall position. Along with the hedge, investors also stand the chance of taking home a larger ROI. At the time of writing this blog, Gold prices are currently sitting pretty at $1830.7 (USD/Oz).

Last year, Gold rally hit an all time high of $2073 (USD/Oz). So there is still lots of room for investors to get in before Gold touches those highs again. On top of that, Gold also may continue even higher. Although this is speculation, it is highly probable.

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