What is the Gold Standard?

What exactly is meant by the phrase “gold standard”?

Gold standard is a monetary system where a country’s currency has a value directly linked to gold. A country that uses the gold standard sets a fixed price for gold and buys and sells gold at that price. The appeal of a gold standard is that it arrests control of the issuance of money.

What is Gold Investment?

Gold is one of the most precious and safe metal for investment. It is considered as a store of value with appreciating price in the long-term. Gold investment refers to the procedure where investors buy gold due to the sole purpose of it’s worthiness, in terms of monetary value. It can be melted down to gold ingots or coins. The majoritarian mindset had benchmarked certain traditional norms which involve purchasing gold and storing for generations. Therefore, it is one of the reasons that investing in gold is more productive than storing cash.

Why one should invest in gold?

Gold has a prominent presence as an asset for investors. Since ages, people are inclined towards investing in gold due to the liquidity it offers. Investing in gold caters as a parachute during the time of recession and withstands inflation as the surging pace of inflation results in the depreciating value of the currency. Gold is easy to buy and sell as it involves hassle-free procedures, unlike other forms of investments like stock, real estate, bonds and more such. It acts as a shock absorber in the portfolio when a lot of investments had been made in the volatile asset classes.

How is Gold investment done?

Gold investment is carried out by simply buying gold and keeping it. It can be performed by purchasing the gold ingots, jewelry, coins, gold charms, and other such forms of gold. Reeling out about a gold ingot, it no refers to a gold bar that possesses 99.5 percent pure gold, also known as 995.0 parts per thousand fine gold as stated by It bears the stamp of a serial number, the hallmark of the refiner, the fineness and the year of it’s manufacturing.
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