What Role Has Engelhard Played in the Precious Metals Industry?


Engelhard Corporation is a leading refiner and manufacturer of products made from gold and silver. The business, established in 1902, significantly impacted the development of the international precious metals sector. The founder of the Engelhard Industries was Charles Engelhard, Sr. They manufactured gold coins, gold bars, and silver coins, allowing investors with an alternative to paper money. The company also manufactured an array of alloys used in the jewellery, aerospace, dental, and electronics industries, among others.

A Timeline of Events – From Founding to International Expansion

The 1902s: Charles bought the Charles F. Croselmire Company in Newark, New Jersey. Some companies were consolidated by Charles Engelhard, Sr. to form the Precious Metals Business known as Engelhard Industries, with its main office in Newark, New Jersey.

The 1920s: a Canadian mining company by the name of Inco—previously known as the International Nickel Company—proved that nickel could also be used to manufacture platinum, momentarily stabilizing the price of the metal, and sparking extensive research into its characteristics.

The 1930s: To discover novel applications for metal, Charles Engelhard established his own research and development division. He later became Inco’s sole platinum distributor in the United States.

The 1970s: Young Charles Engelhard quickly relocated to South Africa and started looking into opportunities in that mineral-rich nation, which is the source of much of the world’s gold, platinum, and diamonds.

The 1990s: A French manufacturer of precious metals named CLAL and Engelhard established a joint venture. Through a new subsidiary, it also went beyond its prior involvement in the precious metals brokerage sector to join the base metals dealing and brokering market.

The 2006s: Engelhard was acquired by BASF Group in 2006. BASF started renaming Engelhard globally. With BASF Catalysts LLC, this began in the United States.

The Legacy of Engelhard in the Metal Refining Industry

With time, Engelhard grew its business to include a variety of precious metal-related goods and services, such as:

  •   Bullion: Engelhard produced an array of bullion items, including as bars and coins, that were widely recognized and traded on international markets.
  •   Industrial Catalysts: Engelhard invented an array of precious metal-based catalysts for use in a variety of industrial processes, including petrochemical manufacture, refining, and the management of car emissions.
  •   Recycling of Precious Metals: Engelhard provided recycling and refining services for precious metals to a wide range of businesses, including jewellery, electronics, and dentistry.

·   Investment Services: Engelhard offered storage, financing, and hedging for precious metal investments.

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